Lukas Spieker

Underwater (2017) Marine life.
Virunga Mountains (2014-2016) The Virunga mountains in the border region of Rwanda, the Congo, and Uganda.
Nyiragongo Volcano (2016) According to ancient local myths, Nyiragongo's boiling lava lake is a place where bad souls burn in fire.
Cargo Bicycle (2014-2016) Chukudu bicycles are ingeniously built from eucalyptus wood and spare parts of disused cars. They characterize the streets of Goma in the Congo.
After the Rain (2014) The beauty of Rwanda's landscape contrasts with the horror that happened in these hills. April 2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide.
Mountain Gorilla (2014-2016) The misty mountains of the eastern Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda are home to mountain gorillas, an endangered species.
Building Ruins (2013-2017) Construction in Spain boomed, until the property bubble bursted in 2008. The result are abandoned buildings omnipresent in Spain.
City Surfing (2012) Surfers from all over the world come to surf the Eisbach wave in Munich.
Cow Fighting (2012) In Switzerland, we too have bovine fightings. However, they aren't as athletic as a rodeo, and not as heroic as Spain's corrida. And the fightings involve cows, not bulls.
The Highland Clearances (2012) Scotland
Informal Living (2011) Portraits of South Africans living in informal settlements in Imizamo Yethu, Kayelitsha, and Tafelsig townships.
Sleeper Class (2011) India has one of the largest railway networks of the world. Introduced under British rule almost 160 years ago, the railway nowadays is infamous for overcrowded and delayed trains.
Hebrides (2011-2016) Landscapes
Blurred Tracks (2008-) Starring out of train windows.
Cairo (2008) The city of thousand mosques.
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